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003 'No Ordinary Business' with mMobility - PART 1

003 'No Ordinary Business' with mMobility - PART 1

Over 1 billion people in the developing world lack any form of officially recognised identification, either paper or electronic-based. This identity gap is a serious obstacle to participation in political, economic, and social life. Without a secure way to assert and verify one’s identity, a person may be unable to open a bank account, vote in an election, access education or healthcare, receive a pension payment or file official petitions in court. Furthermore, inadequate identification systems mean that states will have difficulty collecting taxes, targeting social programs, and ensuring security. Today’s guest on No Ordinary Business, Bonaventure Wong, is here talking to us about the identification challenge and about how mMobility, a non-profit organisation is tackling this issue.  

001 'No Ordinary Business' with Palette Inc.

001  'No Ordinary Business' with Palette Inc.

With innovation and change comes opportunity but at the same time technology and its innovations are causing unintended consequences that are raising concerns for a significant portion of the population whose job security is potentially jeopardised as result of automation. Today's guest on No Ordinary Business, AJ Tibando, is speaking with our host, Gina Pereira about this issue and shares with us how she proposes to address it through Palette.